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About Us

We recognise your right to set your own goals and to choose your own path in achieving them.

What sets us apart from other disability support providers is our commitment to promote and empower you to live your best life, on your own terms.

Our success comes from consistently delivering affordable and flexible service using a person-centred approach.

We are proud of our talented team of experienced support workers and ensure that they are carefully matched with you according to your goals and needs. We go to great lengths to put your preferences at the centre of our approach, offering you choice and control over when and how your support is provided.

Discover new potential for a more independent life by connecting with us.

Personal Care

We can assist you with daily personal activities such as personal care and hygiene. This might include assisting you with morning and evening routines, bathing, dressing, toileting, meal preparation, food shopping, running errands, health appointments and other daily tasks.

We can provide support to those wishing to maintain their independence in their home for as long as possible, no matter what their needs are.

Social Supports

We strongly believe that taking part in the community and social recreational activities increases the wellbeing of our clients. We can help you build confidence and pursue your interests by supporting you with everyday activities such as going to the shops, attending appointments or social outings.

We will also work with you and your family to ensure you can continue to attend social activities such as meeting up with friends for coffee, visiting a family member or attending a social event.


Australian Quality Care is an NDIS Registered Provider. This means we meet the NDIA's standards to provide high quality and safe supports and services to NDIS participants, whether they are agency-managed, plan-managed or self-managed.

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