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John takes on a healthier living approach

One of the keys to living well is eating healthy and exercising. For most of us taking the initiative to do so is a challenge but not for our client John.

John was advised by his GP, during a routine check-up, that he needed to lose some weight. Without wasting any time, John took on board the doctor’s advice and reached out to Avalon Village’s Food Services Team to assist him with his diet and meal planning.

Some of the changes implemented for John, include having salads for lunch and adding more vegetables to his meals. Needless to say the proof is in the pudding, maybe it’s the salad in this case!

John is looking great and has stayed motivated to continue healthy living for 4 weeks. John has been so inspirational that another client of ours, Richard, has also jumped onboard the healthy living bandwagon. He too has enlisted the help of the Food Services Team to assist him with making healthier food decisions.

Thanks to their AQC Support Worker Jacquiline, the highlight for Richard and John are their weekly community access activities where they can go for long walks on the beach or along the jetty at Wynnum Foreshore.

On most days, you will find them circling the blocks around Avalon Village. They are also starting up a half an hour walking group three times a week if anyone is interested. So, who’s up for this challenge next?!

Click here for a behind the scenes view of John and Richard's exercise routine:


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